Carol Franklin - Photo by Curt Franklin

Podcasts are the ideal medium for many messages. You can direct your message to a very specific target audience, and your audience chooses the best time and place to listen to what you have to say, so they’re more likely to really pay attention to your content. A podcast is an intensely personal experience for your listeners: you’re literally "in their heads" via the headphones.

Trouble is, our everyday speech is chock full of little verbal tics (umms, ahhs, etc.), habitual stray words and phrases ("like", "you know", "in other words"), pauses, coughs, throat clearing, and stutters or false starts. When we talk directly to people around us, those things get ignored and our message gets through with the help of gestures and non-verbal feedback. Unfortunately, a recording doesn’t have that luxury, and those flaws can convey a very different message from the one you’re trying to get across.

That’s where podcast production services can come to your rescue. During the production process, the raw audio recording is edited to remove the flotsam and make your message sound more professional and credible. Although there are limits to the magic that can be worked on truly poor quality recordings, many times volume levels can be adjusted, sounds can be filtered, and your message can be edited precisely as you wish. I add music clips at the beginning and end of your podcast to give it a professional feel. When needed, I can add sponsor or promo messages to the completed podcast, even providing voiceover services to record your sponsor’s message if you wish. Once the editing is completed, I tag the files for distribution through your RSS feed or iTunes.

I have worked in many situations - everything from the single podcast for a special event to daily turnaround of newscasts. In most cases, a project can be completed within 2 to 3 business days - or faster with prior planning. You are billed at a reasonable hourly rate for only the time spent actually working on your project.

I’d be happy to discuss your podcast plans and what podcast production can do to help you get your message out in the best possible way. Feel free to contact me at:

Carol Franklin
Phone: 352.332.7880