The CF2 Group is the collaboration between Curtis Franklin, Jr., Carol M. Franklin, and other colleagues who participate in specific projects. The members of the CF2 Group come together to create and publish joint projects while continuing their individual work in a wide variety of media.

We invite you to explore Curt’s blog - CF2 Group Technotes - and the web sites Carol has designed, as well as the other information and examples of our work listed below. When you’re ready to discuss the project you have in mind, contact us. We look forward to working with you.



About Curtis Franklin, Jr.

CF2 Group Technotes Blog


Office Alternatives   InfoWorld

SIM Buyer’s Guide    InfoWorld


Interop Podcasts   Interop

Multimedia Projects

Pimp My DataCenter Wrap-Up   InfoWorld

Pimp My DataCenter Wrap-Up II   InfoWorld

Preserving Handicrafts:
      Traditional Crafts in a Technological Age

Northside Park - Gainesville, Florida

Bikes and Repairs at UF

Podcast Production

Producing Your Podcast

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Laura Miller, ASID   for Laura Miller

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