Welcome Back, My Friends…

This is a great time to be a journalist covering computers, networks, and technology in general. It’s not so much that there are huge leaps in capability each month — we’re in a time of incremental technology improvements in most regards — but technology has reached the point that there are huge leaps in the ways that it’s being integrated into our lives and businesses.


For most of my career I’ve practiced what some call “advocacy journalism.” While I work to be accurate, factual, and fair, there’s a point behind the stories I write. I care about whether the people and organizations who use technology are successful and safe in what they do. Many people don’t have either the time or the expertise to keep up everything going on the industry. They depend on people like me to be their eyes, ears, and (sometimes) test lab to help them keep up.

Most of the time I write for other publications. Now, for a variety of reasons, I’m going to be putting stories here — including links to the stories I write for other publications. Thanks for being here. I’ll try to make the stories worth your time.

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